We're so excited to meet you!

Hey friends! Our names are Andrea & Chris and together we not only make one heck of a photography team, but also a life team! We got married on October 4, 2019 and have one fur baby, Luna - we may be biased but she is the cutest little rescue pup in all of the land.

We are both Type A and love a good schedule, but we also love waking up on a Sunday and knowing there is not one dang thing to do. A Friday night complete with carry out and a RomCom is typical, but don't worry because you can also find us hitting the Hanna's dance floor or tailgating as we cheer on our Volunteers! We always support a solid Mexican restaurant style cheese dip and you can never go wrong with a little reality TV.

We know there are A LOT of options so why us? We are for you if...

... you need a team that breaks you out of your shell because you think "ugh, we are such awkward picture takers"

... you need a team that makes you laugh real genuine laughs (we do WHATEVER it takes to make y'all giggle)

... you need a team that will legitimately chase your kids around during a photo session when they just won't sit still anymore

... you need a team that creates bright, bold, timeless photos that you will look at in a decade and still say "wow, I love these images."

If you have made it this far then what are you waiting for?! Like we said, we are so excited to meet you!


More about Andrea & Chris

Hey y'all, I'm Andrea!

Photographer | Planner Extraordinaire | "Friends" Fanatic

My name is Andrea and all my friends like to call me Dre. I am a 2 wing 3 on the enneagram which means I am 100% going to be your biggest hype girl! Something you need to know about me is that I do not leave my house without my Erin Condren planner and my papermate felt tip marker pens. In my free time, you can find me working out at Pure Barre, scrapbooking, or hanging out with people I love. My favorite thing in the world is hosting friends over at my house for Tacos & Margs and I'm absolutely obsessed with country music and going to concerts (fun fact - I have been to over 80!) I LIVE for experiences and would much rather spend $100 to see Thomas Rhett than on a new pair of shoes. I think that is why I love photography so much - I love capturing all your special moments so you will remember them forever. I have a pretty loud voice and when I get excited it gets even louder. I also am a BIG happy crier; I cry when people on The Voice get a chair turn during the bling audition round, so 99.9% chance I will cry happy tears at your wedding. I can't wait to meet you!!

What's up - I'm Chris!

Photographer | Terrible Joke Teller | Part-Time Tequila Connoisseur

I’m the (C)hris in AC Goodman Photography. I am a Speech Language Pathologist, part time swim coach and of course the second shooter for my awesome wife, Andrea. I am a competition reality TV freak and personally think I have what it takes to win 1 million dollars and the title of the Sole Survivor! I like to think I am pretty funny, but every joke usually ends up in a “really Chris?” response. If you like Mexican food, boneless buffalo wings, a good marg and possibly a tequila shot then we can definitely be friends. My unpopular opinions are that I am not a fan of anything mint chocolate chip, The Office, and Sushi... hot take I know. During your wedding day, you can find me grabbing you a beer in between photos, bringing the crowd to the dance floor and fluffing your dress. If we’re doing a family session I’ll be the crazy person trying to make your baby laugh or having your kids chase me around. I love creativity and believe that photography should be natural not forced!